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According to Kissmetrics’ analysis of 2016, a one second delay in your web store speed can cause a 7% reduction in conversions, and thus affect your search engine ranking plus online business profitability. Therefore, if you’re running a Magento store, then performance optimization is a must for your store.

Slow Magento store equals to slow sales and we know that a faster Magento store earns more revenue. We are here to help you regarding Magento performance optimization and offer a fast online shopping experience to your users. We know how to configure your system resources and its allocation so as to make your Magento store your hardest working employee.

Every Magento store needs to perform at its best so as to retain customers and bring incomes on investments. If your Magento store has some performance related issues, we have the technical expertise to deal with such issues and make your Magento store fly. Our talented team of Magento experts is familiar with Magento performance check like how to test, the best tools to perform check and all other things related to your Magento store’s performance

The customization process is involved with the following steps

  • Steps you need to follow to avail customization services:
  • Fill in our quick & easy form to get a quote
  • We will get back to you within 24 hours - for more details regarding your customization request.
  • Discussing & finalizing the price and estimated working time
  • Once after receiving payment, we will need FTP account & Admin access details to check the customization on the development site before applying it on a live site.
  • After completing the customization process, customers can verify the outcome and confirm the successful closure of Magento Customization service.
  • Kindly focus your attention on this note before proceeding with Envision Ecommerce Magento Extension Customization service:
  • When the new updated version of the extension is applied, all former customizations will no longer exist. We do not offer Free for re-customizing, however, a special rate will be applied so that you can have the customization for the new updated extension within the lowest cost.
  • If a Magento extension comes with a new updated version, all pre-applied customizations will not longer exist. Moreover, a special rate will be charged for any re-customization service for the new updated extension.

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