Work Hard, Party Harder. We actually have that motto on our tees!

If you are wondering what a typical day at Netsmartz looks like, look no further. This is where you find the ins and outs of Netsmartz life. While we have fun with what we do, not all the quality certifications in the world can replace the belief that we always do the BEST for our clients, no matter what. If you want to be really playful “please hop over to" our We’re Hiring page.

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A day in the Netsmartz life!


10:00 AM

At Netsmartz, everything begins with a cup of tea or coffee. We can offer you a whole range of coffee, from Expressos, Mochas and Lattes, to everything in between.


11:00 AM

While you are settling in, you will notice our digs are not luxurious, but they are certainly comfortable, and you will find yourself appreciating your cozy workspace and lightning-fast systems.


11:30 AM

The day begins. You interact and brainstorm with colleagues about your intriguing new project. Soon you are so involved in your project that the time just flies by!


2:00 PM

It’s Lunch and you join your friends in the cafeteria. Butter chicken on the menu, yum....oh well you can always work off the calories at the Netsmartz gym!


2:45 PM

Back to work. HR sends out an email about a colleague’s birthday – which you already knew about because her Netsmartz friends have been busy decorating her cube! Cake cutting and goodies are scheduled for later.


6:00 PM

It’s 6pm and you feel like taking a break. You catch up on the online course you are almost finished with through the Netsmartz Online University. It’s a great way to learn something new.


6:30 PM

Evening rolls around, a client call or two, things are going well. You then make your way to the Rooftop Lounge to celebrate the victory.. or loss.. or tie – it doesn’t matter. You’re with your mates at the Lounge. What a great way to end the day.


7:00 PM

For the really hardcore, it’s time to hit the gym. New equipment has been brought in. The trainer on board manages to keep things interesting!


8:00 PM

Since it’s Friday, you decide to chill with some buddies on the Rooftop Lounge. Nothing better than a couple of beers and cheering your cricket team on the large screen TV!


9:00 PM

At the end of the day, you make plans to spend the latter half of Monday at the Blind School. It’s great that you actually get a half day off to devote to your favorite charity - the warm fuzzy feeling is amazing!

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It’s so much more than just work.

Money, perks, privileges and a decent salary are all part of the equation. Netsmartz is more than a workplace – it’s a culture and a way of life. We work in unison with one another – and we always have each other's backs. And did we mention we party? A LOT. We go to town in style - whether it’s a project ending or a festival.

We've got your back

Teamwork rules. We have a super-supportive environment and go out of our way to help a work buddy in need.

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Where's the Party

At Netsmartz, we have a miracle called the NRC (Netsmartz Recreation Club). These guys organize events like it’s their job - planning movie outings, contests, festival celebrations and more.

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Let the games begin!

Football, volleyball, cricket, table tennis, or darts - take your pick and indulge your inner sports freak!

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Home away from home

In fact, Netsmartz is better unless you have a gym, cafeteria, library, and a Rooftop Lounge on your premises. In that case, can we move in with you?

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Be a part of something better than yourself

At Netsmartz, we like to help the less privileged in any way we can. Donating blood, visiting the Blind School, or collecting old clothes for the needy, there is always a small, but meaningful, way to contribute!

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Train for Success

There are a lot of opportunities for developing your skills. In fact, we have structured training programs and workshops that promise to keep your skills up to date.

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