Infographic: Marrying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and eCommerce

Artificial Intelligence, or we call it with love AI, has already found a permanent place in many aspects of our lives and on devices we use for healthcare, transportation, fraud detection, gaming, finance, and entertainment. E-Commerce was a comparatively new field for AI, but it is now making bold appearances in managing e-commerce business processes; however, it has yet to reach its full potential.

For the enterprise eCommerce development industry, AI is proving revolutionary. The technology behind it is reshaping and automating critical business operations such as inventory management, supply management, price optimization, customer service, and product suggestions based on shopping interest and purchase history.

Below, we show an infographic about the actual and potential use of artificial intelligence clubbed with Magento Commerce Development Solutions. Marrying this tech with online business will add new capabilities and will change the way business is handled as well as the shopping experience of customers.

Infographic: Marrying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and eCommerce

If you want your online store to be future ready and embed artificial intelligence to enhance customer experience, seek help from a professional Magento eCommerce development company.

Envision Ecommerce, Top B2B Companies on Clutch

In a time where ecommerce has seen only increasingly rapid acceleration, Envision Ecommerce knows exactly what clients and their companies need to succeed in the online landscape. Through our honed Magento e-commerce development skills and marketing experience, the team at Envision is an ideal partner for clients looking to ramp up their digital presence.

The company Envision Ecommerce, founded by Vikrant Shukla in 2015, has been serving clients from all across the globe with Magento-based products and services. Earlier this year, the company merged its operations under Netsmartz, one of India’s leading IT solutions provider.

Congratulating on this remarkable feat, Manipal Dhariwal, Chairman and CEO of Netsmartz, said, – “We stand at the forefront of a tremendous market opportunity. As we are at the dawn of the next Magento Revolution. Combining the full range of Netsmartz services, we are now expanding ecommerce solutions and its capabilities, offering an ever-broadening comprehensive portfolio to our customers.”

We are excited to announce that others are taking notice of our work, and B2B research firm Clutch has named us as one of the top e-commerce developers in India. Clutch’s sister website, the Manifest, has also published their new research highlighting Envision Ecommerce as one of the Top 25 Magento Development Companies in 2018.

The Manifest and Clutch, both business insight firms from Washington, D.C., evaluate thousands of companies based on their market presence, previous experience, and client feedback. Getting nominated as a leading company among their research strengthens our general reputability as a technology partner.

We’d like to acknowledge our clients for their reviews of us on our Clutch profile. Our team thrives on helping our clients and their businesses further build and maintain their e-commerce capabilities, so hearing directly from some of our previous customers about the impact that our products and team members have had definitely serves as a great source of pride for us.

“After several rounds of intense scrutiny and questioning to ensure their suitability, Envision Ecommerce managed to consistently exceed our expectations and fit our needs perfectly.”

 “Envision came and saved me,” summarized a second client. “I’d been reluctant to work with an Indian company because the output quality is usually not very good, but with Envision, it was different: they have a Westernized approach, Magento professionals, and a good communication system in place..”

Thank you to The Manifest, Clutch, and our clients for their support and recognition of Envision Ecommerce as a premier presence within the e-commerce development industry. We take great pride and satisfaction in knowing that we have served our clients, their businesses, and the greater community as well. Apart from this, Envision Ecommerce achieved another feat of being a top Magento Company on DesignRush. We welcome you to reach out to us if you are interested in hearing more about our projects or experience, and we look forward to new collaborations soon!

First Official Magento Meetup in Chandigarh

Magento Commerce is the leading provider of cloud commerce innovation to merchants and brands across B2C and B2B industries, with more than $124 billion in gross merchandise volume transacted on the platform annually. Magento Commerce is the #1 provider to the Internet Retailer Top 1000, the B2B 300 and the Top 500 Guides for Europe and Latin America. Magento Commerce is supported by a vast global network of solution and technology partners, a highly active global developer community and the largest ecommerce marketplace for extensions available.

In quest of growing the community further in TriCity Region, SEBIZ, in association with Envision Ecommerce, Magento Business Solution Partner (a Netsmartz Company) is proudly presenting you, “First Official Magento Meetup in Chandigarh”. The meetup aim to grow the awareness about Magento Enterprise Versions along with the aim to grow Magento Community in our region. The event is being officially attended by representative from Magento, Mr. Anand Natarajan. Anand is Enterprise Sales Executive – India/South Asia at Magento Commerce. He will be sharing his views on “Enterprise Ecommerce Landscape in India – Opportunities for Ecommerce experts and technology professionals”. This is going to be a great session to attend for the Leaders from different IT Companies around the region.

The second speaker for the day is going to be our own Mr. Vikrant Shukla, who will be speaking about Magento Migration and why it is needed.

The tickets for the event can be booked from here. The details about the meetup is also posted on Official Magento Meetup Group Chandigarh. We welcome you to grab your tickets at earliest. Come be part of something extraordinary and witness the growth of Magento in Chandigarh.

PayPal in India: Launch of Domestic Payment Services

PayPal has recently announced about its domestic payment services in India. With these new domestic operations, the Indian consumers will now be able to use PayPal during the online checkout process at some of India’s most famous businesses, like Yatra, PVR, BookMyShow and more. It will be accessible to all merchants from the month of January 2018. However, the cross-border payments has been offered by PayPal in India for close to a decade and PayPal claims to manage a 3rd of India’s Business to consumer (B2C) export payments.

According to a statement by PayPal Holdings, Inc: “At launch, Indian consumers can use PayPal to shop online at some of India’s most popular businesses. “Merchants offering PayPal will be able to process both local and global payments through PayPal, getting access to PayPal’s 218 million customers around the world and in India through a single integration.”

It seems quite obvious that PayPal, which is banking on Buyer and Seller protection, has taken too much time to enter into India’s crowded payments market where some popular digital payments majors, like Paytm and Amazon Pay, are already well-established by doing aggressive marketing of their services. PayPal covers a solution of 180-days dispute resolution window. In this solution, PayPal promises to refund the money, in a case, where an online seller doesn’t deliver the goods ordered by the consumer. Moreover, PayPal also promises to pay the merchant if a consumer doesn’t pay for the ordered goods.

According to PayPal in one of its statements, all the merchants using PayPal services will be able to execute both the local as well as global payments via PayPal. Thereby, the merchants can easily get access to PayPal’s 218 million consumers across the globe, plus, in India, via just single integration.

Stating on the launch, Rohan Mahadevan, CEO, PayPal Pvt. Limited and SVP, General Manager, APAC at PayPal stated, “India’s digital payments journey is on a high growth trajectory and we are proud to be a part of it. We are excited about our prospects in a market that is highly inspirational and aspirational”. Moreover, the company also stated, “The Indian government’s recent push towards digital payments has also led PayPal to partner with government and state-owned banks on a number of initiatives, including digital financial literacy programme and eTourist Visa (eTV).”

The Final Release of ‘Magento 2.2’ is coming our way!

We’re eager to declare that the long awaited version of Magento 2, ‘Magento 2.2’ is entering its last phases of improvement and the code will be officially released soon in just over a month! Magento 2.2 puts up new useful features such as a complete suite of B2B highlights, execution upgrades, advanced reporting, and more.

Although, this powerful release will be a huge step in strengthening the Magento’s market share. Not only this, it is also expected that Magneto 2.2 will completely change the landscape, and both Magento developers and Now take a quick look at the new features and improvements that have been added to the latest version of Magento 2, Magento 2.2!

Product Renaming

Magento reported a renaming the Magento product line at Magento Live UK 2017. This renaming functionality will enable store owners to change the name of most of the major Magento products. Favorably, this particular change will imply a certain direction that Magento notices digital commerce heading.

Magento BI (Business Intelligence)

A year ago, Magento has procured RJ Metrics – as a major aspect of their business strategy, to keep the eyes focused on securing.

That’s why they immediately rebranded RJ Metrics as Magento BI and prepared the propelled reporting features into the Magento core. So that you can take advantage of this feature by analyzing the complete analytics or Magento internal data report of your store as well as client base that is noteworthy.

Signifyd Fraud Protection

Early in October 2016, Magneto declared their partnership with an ecommerce fraud protection company, namely Signifyd – with aims to coordinate their technical learning capabilities into the Magento core.

B2B Module

This hotly anticipated feature will bring a truly required improvement to your authorized Magento platform and give a real value to merchants who are actually looking for B2B capabilities. Fortunately, this B2B module is something that makes an ultimate solution of growth for merchants that may have been missing from the eCommerce market.

The main highlights of the Magento B2B module are:

It smooths customers’ online shopping experience and makes it mobile centric

Companies users can easily manage the account tools without even requiring the action from the store owner

Ability to tailor-make catalogs to every organization

Links in with existing Magento ERP integrations

On Platform Updates

Enhancements in the Magento Code:

Evacuate calls to ‘unserialize()’ to

enhance the security

Updated hashin

Superior JavaScript exception logging

Decreased core throughout plugins

More @api annotations have been included

4X API from 2.1.7 to 2.2. This transformation helps in making a modernize application that can integrate, and can be used with different frameworks.Swagger does an excellent job reporting it in the Magento Api Docs.

Tech Stack:

Dropped PHP 5.6 and Varnish 3

Included PHP 7.1

Reddis 3.2

MySQL 5.7

Upgraded Composer

Upgraded Zend Framework

Component Improvements:

Better XSD valid UI components – endeavoring to enhance how Magento developers interface with this framework.

Superior logging as well as all widgets, originate from root UI Components.

WCAG support for front-end themes – implies that Magento doesn’t need to be static in their web’s future goals. In fact, WCAG is something that automatically working for.

Mass Asynchronous Operations – makes deep running business operation without meddling with the store.

Pipeline deploys to enhance push lives, which implies update your store with CICD (Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment) systems.

Brand-new commands to unify enhancements.

Brand-new commands to match up configs.


Enhanced indexer – customers would now be able to utilize and purchase from a store while indexing.

The cart would now be able to scale to an absurd 300 line products at one go.

Nipped cache

Nipped varnish

A Brand-new toolkit to enhance performance for better “test” benchmarks

We at Envision Ecommerce built numerous flexible, dynamic and affordable Magento extensions that are already available at the market place, and now we are working with our certified Magento experts to make a compatible extension for new innovation i.e. Magento 2.2!

For any expert help on Magento 2.2, contact us at or visit:

The wait is over and finally Magento 2.2 is released yesterday. This release includes numerous functional fixes and enhancements.

To know more click here

Magento Marketplace Approved ‘Quick login as Customer’ & ‘Product Question Answer’ Extensions for Magento 2!

We are thrilled to announce that two of our new extensions for Magento 2, ‘Quick login as Customer’ & ‘Product Question Answer’, were approved by Magento Marketplace. These extensions have successfully passed both technical as well as marketing review, and fulfilled the requirements of Magento team. The ‘Quick login as Customer’ & ‘Product Question Answer’ extensions are now listed in Magento marketplace, and easily recognizable by Magento 2 users.

The main highlights of our approved ‘Quick login as Customer’ & ‘Product Question Answer’ Magento 2 extensions are:

Quick login as Customer Magento 2 extension enables store owners to directly enter into any of their customer’s account without even asking them for grant login access. However, it facilitates admin to examine issues within the “My Account” area only. Plus, the store owner can also log into a customer’s account, enable or disable this particular extension with just a single click.

To know more in detail about Quick login as Customer & its features! Click here

On the other side, Product Question Answer Magento 2 extension enables customers to ask their product related queries on the product page itself. Plus, allows store owners to receive email alerts for just asked or unanswered questions, and answer them via admin panel to convert those questioners into buyers.

To know more in detail about Product Question Answer & its features! Click here

Stay tuned to our social media channels and blog posts for more updates on Magento 2 extensions!

Google Issues Big Refunds to Advertisers Over Invalid Traffic

The digital advertising space is totally based on trust. It can work effectively only when all participants are good, and when no one attempts to spoof anyone else. But this trust had been shaken by some fraudulent companies that had been selling ad space on some premium sites for which they didn’t have any access to, or on fake versions of original sites, as per the report by Business Insider. (Source:

No need to worry about the nitty-gritty of such ad-fraud companies because Google is in the trust restoring mode. Yes, Google is trying to win back the trust of online marketers by issuing large refunds for their ads that ran on sites with fake traffic. This move by Google has been taken to fight against such ad-fraud. Some of these refunds are as large as “hundreds of thousands of dollars,” – as per a report in the Wall Street Journal. (Source: The refunds are being made for ads purchased via company’s automated technology, referred as DoubleClick Bid Manager.

Google is working on ways to offer marketers more transparency in the digital advertising space, plus automatically rebate clients when Google & their ad partners serve ads placed next to a fake traffic, including the ads that don’t load in the right ways, or ads served to bots in place of people. Google’s Director of Product Management for Advertising Scott Spencer tells WSJ that he thinks the hundreds of technology partners Google works with will be supportive of the effort.

As per a conference call with investors (in the month of April), Google CEO Sundar Pichai said:

“As marketers continue to shift to its programmatic ad buying, our DoubleClick platform makes it easy for them to effectively reach the right audiences. We’ve been focusing on making more inventory available to more advertisers, especially premium inventory.”

Moreover, according to a Google spokesperson – “We can’t comment on specific details of ad fraud but the vast majority is filtered in our systems before our advertisers are ever impacted or charged… In our own platforms, we’re working with our exchange partners to remove monetary incentives for spammers and increase transparency for buyers,”

It seems that they refused to declare any final verdict on the details available in the report of the Wall Street Journal, but committed that the refunds were made for ads placed across their partner websites with invalid traffic produced by bots, or automated software modules that simulated to be valid users.

One Step Checkout Magento 2 Extension – Rolled Out and Available!

Today again we have come up with a new dazzling eCommerce product launch “One Step Checkout” – a second to none all-in-one tool for store owners to optimize and simplify their complex checkout process. It is a Magento 2 extension that helps store owners to cut down multiple checkout steps to only one step. Thus, it reduces the hassle of superfluous back and forth checkout motions for customers. Not only it improves customers’ online shopping experience, but also results in lower cart abandonment rate and hence it boosts the conversion rate of an online store.

One Step Checkout extension is Outfitted with the Following Features:

• Easy to enable/disable via backend

Easy to Manage Backend

• Allows customers to do commenting during checkout

Comment Section for Customers

• Offers coupon code option during checkout

Coupon Code Option During Checkout

• Allows to customize its checkout page title

Customize Checkout Page Title

• Optimized & simplified one step checkout page

one step checkout page

• Default payment & shipping method setting options

Default Payment & Shipping Method

• Features a Google address validator

Google address validator

• Out-of-the-box compatibility with almost 100% payment & shipping methods

• 50% faster checkout process compared to Magento’s default checkout

• Compatibility with all Latest Magento 2 versions & much more.

Reduce checkout time up to 75%! Increase Sales and Revenue!

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Impact of GST on Indian Ecommerce Industry after Implementation

GST (Good and Service Tax) is the highly discussed indirect fiscal reform that has been rolled out in India from 1st of July 2017. With this GST implementation, the Government aims to provide a uniform & simplified tax structure across India.

As this GST implementation is able to simplify the life of a common man, the Indian eCommerce industry is worried as GST has created higher compliance challenges for the Indian eCommerce sector and its operators.

Here eCommerce operators include those who, directly or indirectly, own, operate or manage an electronic platform or website to support the supply of good/services or in delivering any information or any other incidental services over digital or electronic network (mainly the internet). For example, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. However, we have also predicted “Impact of GST on Indian eCommerce Industry” in our past GST write-up before the actual rollout of GST. In this blog post, we have thoroughly compared and analyzed such impacts on eCommerce sector post GST.

Let’s have a look at the list of challenges that we found during such analysis:

1. Increased Onus & Compliance Burden

With the implementation of this new tax regime, eCommerce operators would be required to collect tax at source (knows as TCS) and deposit the applicable amount of GST during payment time to the supplier. This results in increased onus & compliance burden on eCommerce operators; partly because many of them have lots of vendors.

Additionally, in the existing regime, eCommerce players are considered only as service providers and are thereby needed to abide only one central service tax rule. However, under this GST law and with the resulting burden of TCS (Tax Collected at Source), those eCommerce operators will also be needed to undertake extra compliances in the States based on suppliers’ locations.

2. Taxation on Stock Transfer

After this GST law implementation, Intrastate & interstate stock transfers are also considered as supplies and subjected to GST. Moreover, the defined transactions without consideration are also coming under supplies. Despite the fact that the tax paid would be accessible as credit to the eCommerce entity, this may give birth to cash flow blockages.

3. Credit is Allowed Only after Tax Payment

Credit is allowed on only those transactions for which taxes have been paid as the credit to the government.

4. Impact on Discounts or Incentives

Under GST, the tax computation is now based on transaction value (value of goods or services). This transaction value may include Pre/Post supply discount. Pre-supply discount means the discount permitted before or during the supply time and are included in the invoice. On the other hand, post-supply discounts are provided after affecting the supply. The tax is charged based on transaction value and whether the discounts will be incorporated or not relies on the discount category. If it is a pre-supply discount, it will not be incorporated in the transaction value. However, if it is a post-supply discount, then it will form the part of the transaction value. Therefore, the existing trends of offers followed by eCommerce operators, such as cash backs & promo codes will fall under the post-supply discount category and these offer trends will have to be re-examined to suit these new changes under the GST.

Key Advantages of GST for eCommerce Players:

In addition to the above challenges, there are some important benefits of GST implementation for the Indian eCommerce sector and its operators, like:

1. Cascading Taxes Abolishment

Ecommerce industry will surely get benefits from a new change under the GST, i.e. the abolishment of restrictions on cross utilization of credits. This change further facilitates the seamless credit across the supply chains, accompanied by tax set offs (the amount of tax credit that can be claimed in the VAT return) which are accessible across the production value-chain, both for goods as well as services. This will result in dropping the cascading effect of taxes plus lowering supplies’ overall cost.

2. Uniform & Harmonized Tax Rates

Under the existing tax regime, the VAT rate is imposed differently for the same goods in tune with different states. For instance, Karnataka holds 5% VAT rate on mobile devices, whereas Maharashtra holds 13.5% on the same. This state wise differentiation in VAT rate has given birth to classification disputes in the past. On the contrary, new GST rates are projected to be uniform for both the centre and states of India. And this will definitely lower down such disputes.


In simple and short words, GST implementation seems more challenging for the Indian eCommerce industry than the drivers of growth. Online shopping via eCommerce portals is going to be expensive as there will be an extra amount of tax that you have to pay to the seller. On the other hand, the good thing is that the delivery of goods will take short time due to less paperwork on seller side to deliver goods in different states of India. However, the return and cancellation will become quite tough for the eCommerce sites post GST. Besides, all eCommerce portals, regardless of their turnover are needed to register for GST.

Doctor CRM – Deliver More Connected Care to Your Patients!

Note: To checkout the backend of the CRM, use following details,
username :
password : 123456

In its quest to discover more innovative products, Envision Ecommerce adds another advanced feather in its cap with the roll out of “Doctor CRM”. Doctor CRM is a full-fledged customizable CRM incorporated with a mobile app. This CRM is specifically designed for the sole purpose of helping all types of physicians so that they can proactively manage their clinics in their own ways.

Doctor CRM solution comes with a variety of patient management features and a compelling mobile app to keep doctors and patients connected. Since the CRM is connected with a mobile app, it allows patients to connect with doctors via mobile app and doctors can easily manage this app through this CRM. While this solution is currently designed for pediatricians only, but we do offer customization services to make it a perfect fit for your unique clinical needs.

The Main Highlights of Our Doctor CRM Include:

A full access for doctors to all its backend modules

backend modules

A dashboard overview page to see an overview of all frequent records like total patients, total feedback, today’s appointment, vaccination availability, etc.

Dashboard Overview

A custom profile section for doctors toto add personal image and other details like short & long biography, educational background and qualifications along with upload documents facility.

custom profile section

All Parents” section to keep records of all parents’ details

All Parents” section to keep records of all parents’ details

All Childs” section to keep records of children’s details plus their all vaccination details like vaccination categories, vaccination list and pending vaccinations, etc.

All Childs” section to keep records of children’s details

Automatic Vaccination chart generation, according to specific child’s DOB (Date of Birth) and name.

Automatic Vaccination chart generation

Growth chart calculations of a child, according to age (in months) / weight (in Kg), in “Edit” child page.

Growth chart calculations of a child, according to age

Easy Searching and sorting of all records by any column.

Easy Searching and sorting of all records by any column.

Medication brand management.

Medication brand management

Appointment schedule calendar for doctors to see scheduled appointments and to schedule their availability for a specific appointment.

Appointment schedule calendar for doctors to see scheduled appointments

A record of unavailable vaccinations

A record of unavailable vaccinations

Blog management for doctors to provide health tips to patients.

Blog management for doctors to provide health tips to patients

Push notification feature to send notifications to parents on their mobile app.

Push notification feature to send notifications to parents on their mobile app

BMI calculator for doctors’ quick help to get child’s BMI (Body Mass Index) (whether a child’s weight is appropriate according to his/her height and age or not)

Automatic Vaccination Chart generation system & BMI Calculator strictly follow WHO standards.

Doctor CRM Mobile App

As you know our CRM solution is connected with a mobile app and this app is beneficial for parents. It helps parents to have electronic medical records of their children instead of saving bulky and messy paper files. The parents can use this app to:

Create their own profiles

Create their children’s profiles by adding all details like child’s image, name, Date of Birth, Age in Months, etc.

Book an appointment with doctor by choosing a suitable date, time and purpose of appointment, etc.

Keep a check of appointments under “My Appointments” section and cancel a pre-scheduled appointment.

View appointment history

Upload documents regarding doctor’s prescription after an appointment with a doctor.

Track all important information regarding vaccinations lists, vaccination done, etc.

Doctor CRM is a complete solution for doctors to manage all their patients in one place. No more paperwork, no paper-based medical records, i.e. a comprehensive paperless solution for doctors and patients. So what are you waiting for? Grab this CRM & app and get rid of your hectic clinical processes.

Just stay tuned for our next innovative product launch!